Wedding Week: The Countdown Is On!

Wow! Hard to believe this is my last post before the wedding. By the time I write my next blog, I’ll have a different last name and I will be someone’s WIFE! I don’t think the reality of everything has hit me yet, and I’m patiently waiting for its arrival because when it comes, I feel like I will be a big blubbering mess. Not because I’m afraid, but because I have waited for this moment my whole life.

As a little girl, I would dream about how I wanted my wedding to look, feel, etc. and now it’s finally here. There was always one component missing though, and that was the man who would be standing next to me at the altar. Over the years, through various relationships, I would try to picture whoever I was dating in that spot, and of course, nothing ever seemed to feel right. Until now. Today, as I’m writing this, I know that I was meant to be exactly where I am, marrying the man who treats me like I deserve, who brings so much joy and laughter to my life, and who fills every missing piece of me that I didn’t know I needed. I have never felt so sure of myself and my intentions than I do today.

….and bring on the tears… lol!

Seriously though, I was extremely nervous I would fall victim to “cold feet”, but this simply feels right and there are no doubts in my mind. Which is why I am so emotional/excited/nervous and will continue to be until it’s over.

Also, I am BEYOND excited to finally be able to share our wedding details (when we return from our honeymoon of course). I have had a difficult time blogging about the wedding because I didn’t want to give away anything important, but after this weekend I’ll be sharing so much more about what we have up our sleeves, our wonderful vendors, and how we made some of our decisions. It sure has been one heck of a year and I do have a lot to share. Although, I’m not sure what’s next for me once I am done writing about the wedding…possibly a lifestyle blog…leading into a mommy blog…. the possibilities are endless I suppose and I would love if you guys stuck around!

But until then…cross your fingers for me friends! I have a wedding to prepare for!


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