FAQ Sheets: Keeping Your Guests Informed


Happy #WeddingWednesday!! I have some more organization tips to share that I’m super excited about, mostly because it’s relieved me of so much stress AND I think it’s going to be a great tool for our guests as well!

Yesterday I was thinking of ways to keep my guests informed so that I can avoid being on my phone the whole week before the wedding. We do have a wedding website but I’ve noticed some people don’t bother checking it before asking their questions, OR they have a hard time navigating it. SO I thought, what better way to inform them than to create a FAQ sheet! It’s a really simple way to put all the important info in one place, and answer all the questions that seem to come up a little too often. Once you have it typed up, all you have to do is e-mail it out to every guest that RSVPs YES 🙂

Now, if you’re thinking about how much of a hassle it would be to collect everyone’s e-mail addresses, then I completely agree. Which is why I requested that everyone RSVP via e-mail so that when they send me their answer, I automatically have their contact info! You can also have them RSVP through your wedding website and set it up so that they have to sign in with their e-mail. Wedding Wire has a great tool for setting this up!

At the top of the page, I shared a small sample of what our FAQ sheet looks like. I addressed questions like are kids invited, what is the parking situation, can I bring a +1, etc. This eliminates people texting or calling closer to the wedding with questions like this, which will free up some of your time and relieve some of that stress you may feel right before the wedding.

Everyone’s FAQ page will look a little different and will have to address different questions, but my advice is to answer every question with a very straightforward answer, leaving no room for MORE questions, and to be extremely upbeat and polite throughout the letter – we want to inform our guests, not offend them LOL!

Good luck and happy planning!!



Top Organizational Tools to Help You Plan Your Wedding

Wedding planning has slowly become my life over the last few months, and to be honest, I am slightly surprised that I haven’t come unglued. The biggest challenge when it comes to creating the perfect setting for a wedding is keeping everything organized. From your thoughts, to your vision boards, to the actual vendors and budget, it is so easy to miss something if you don’t have it all together. SO I wanted to share some of the tools I have been using because they make my life so much easier and I have yet to have any meltdowns because of it!

Ps. This is not an AD whatsoever – I just love these websites and would highly recommend them to anyone that asked!

  1. Wedding Wire


Wedding Wire is the website I have been using the most and it is 100% FREE! It has a tab for your to-do list which is broken up by months (see below), vendors and contact info, the guestlist, a budget template, and an interactive seating chart that can be converted to a PDF file! On top of all of that, it also provides you with a FREE wedding website which is a great tool for you and your guests to stay in touch leading up to the wedding. They can even RSVP directly through it! How cool is that?!

I could honestly break each tab down and go on and on about how convenient everything is but that would be an entire post in itself so I won’t do that…yet lol! All I’ll say is it’s easy to use, and is great for keeping all of your wedding info in one place. It has taken so much stress away and I use it religiously.


This to-do list is EVERYTHING!! This was all pre-made and I added or deleted things as needed.


2. The Knot

The Knot is another useful wedding planner that I played around with a bit. It’s essentially the same as Wedding Wire, just with a different layout. You can still search for your vendors and follow a detailed to-do list to keep you on track with your planning.

The one big difference I found was this website actually has a few more resources like being able to manage your registry. Your guests can even search for it too! It also has a ‘Newlywed Fund’ that you can set up for yourself because let’s be honest, weddings have the ability to break the bank! Overall, this is a great website to guide you to the altar!



3. A Practical Wedding

A Practical Wedding is similar but with less resources. It does offer a vendor search, beauty tips, and advice on wedding etiquette which I LOVE because it’s a whole new ball game if you haven’t planned one before. Another feature I love is the DIY blog posts. If you’re looking to make the decor yourself, this is going to be a huge bonus for you!


4. Perfect Wedding

Planing your Perfect Wedding will be easy with this website! Again, it has less resources but it does have a ton of downloadable templates such as a budget spreadsheet, a guestlist planner, a timeline guide, and much more (see below)! If you choose to go this route, I would highly recommend making yourself a Wedding Planner in a binder or notebook where you can keep all of the spreadsheets. OR if you don’t feel like printing them, save them to your computer and start a Wedding File :).


There are so many different websites that revolve around wedding planning – some have it all and some have bits and pieces that help complete the puzzle! Find what works for you and is easy to use and you’re set! PLUS if you do choose to go this route, you’ll be saving a ton of money on a wedding planner!!! 🙂 LOL!

That’s all for today friends! Stay tuned for more helpful tips to get you through the stressful parts of planning and much much more!