Wedding Week: The Countdown Is On!

Wow! Hard to believe this is my last post before the wedding. By the time I write my next blog, I’ll have a different last name and I will be someone’s WIFE! I don’t think the reality of everything has hit me yet, and I’m patiently waiting for its arrival because when it comes, I feel like I will be a big blubbering mess. Not because I’m afraid, but because I have waited for this moment my whole life.

As a little girl, I would dream about how I wanted my wedding to look, feel, etc. and now it’s finally here. There was always one component missing though, and that was the man who would be standing next to me at the altar. Over the years, through various relationships, I would try to picture whoever I was dating in that spot, and of course, nothing ever seemed to feel right. Until now. Today, as I’m writing this, I know that I was meant to be exactly where I am, marrying the man who treats me like I deserve, who brings so much joy and laughter to my life, and who fills every missing piece of me that I didn’t know I needed. I have never felt so sure of myself and my intentions than I do today.

….and bring on the tears… lol!

Seriously though, I was extremely nervous I would fall victim to “cold feet”, but this simply feels right and there are no doubts in my mind. Which is why I am so emotional/excited/nervous and will continue to be until it’s over.

Also, I am BEYOND excited to finally be able to share our wedding details (when we return from our honeymoon of course). I have had a difficult time blogging about the wedding because I didn’t want to give away anything important, but after this weekend I’ll be sharing so much more about what we have up our sleeves, our wonderful vendors, and how we made some of our decisions. It sure has been one heck of a year and I do have a lot to share. Although, I’m not sure what’s next for me once I am done writing about the wedding…possibly a lifestyle blog…leading into a mommy blog…. the possibilities are endless I suppose and I would love if you guys stuck around!

But until then…cross your fingers for me friends! I have a wedding to prepare for!


The Bridal Shower

Happy #WeddingWednesday!! I’m so excited because today I am sharing some details from my dreamy champagne themed bridal shower!! EEK!!! I think I was most looking forward to my bridal showers (yes I had more than one) mostly because it was a chance for me to have a girls day and visit with all my favorite ladies!! And, like I previously mentioned, I was lucky enough to have not one, but TWO showers 🙂

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Finding An Officiant You L O V E

Happy #WeddingWednesday!!

September is here…which means it’s our WEDDING MONTH! It’s hard to believe that after a long year of planning, we have finally made it to the finish line…well…almost! There’s still a lot to do and my stress levels are rising by the day, BUT we are SO CLOSE to being done. This makes me so so happy for two reasons:

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Tips for Creating the Perfect Registry

Hey friends!! And Happy Hump Day!! We’re halfway through the week and I’m finding myself doing that countdown to the weekend again. I am feeling so exhausted lately as we have so much going on but I love checkin our items off our to-do list! Like our registry for example 🙂 Last weekend we had an awesome time “shopping” at Bed Bath and Beyond and The Bay and we are so excited about the amazing registry we got to create.

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Wedding Planning & Learning How To Say NO

When I first got engaged, everyone told me how stressful planning a wedding would be and suggested we elope. Quite honestly, at first I was totally against the idea – I didn’t want a small wedding because I thought “how can I possibly eliminate half of my family from my list?!”…

Fast forward to May and we are less than 5 months away from the big day and I catch myself WISHING I would’ve gone the more intimate route. Why? Because planning a wedding is bloody stressful!! No…it’s a FREAKIN PART TIME JOB! If I’m not at work, I’m still technically “working” on everything for the wedding. When I crawl into bed at night, I go over my 5 page long checklist. When I finally fall asleep, I dream about my checklist. And when I wake up, I get to start all over again. On top of that, I still feel like there are not enough hours in the day to go over all the things I need to. But hey…I’m type A so the obsessing is mostly my fault, right?

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Top 5 Venues For Your #YYC Wedding

Choosing a venue for our wedding was one of the things D and I went back and forth on quite a bit before finally making a decision. It’s not easy finding a venue that meets ALL of your needs, and sometimes you have to adjust your expectations in order to find the best venue for your big day. That’s why I thought it’d be a good idea to share some of my favourite venues that we looked at during the early phases of planning :).

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What To Expect When Choosing Your #BrideTribe

It’s been seven blissful months since D proposed, and what a whirlwind it’s been! This is probably the craziest time of our lives and we are so busy with planning that we often have to remind ourselves to slow down to appreciate and enjoy our engagement. One thing that we can appreciate is our amazing friends and family who have been nothing but helpful throughout this whole process.

So with that in mind I thought I’d share some tips for choosing your very own #BrideTribe. I would love to say that this was a smooth process but that would be a lie because this was something that was extremely difficult for me to do. D will agree with me on this, which is probably why we both ended up with six people in our wedding party lol! Seriously though, it’s hard to narrow it down when you have so many amazing people in your life. So I decided to share a few uncomfortable truths I learned throughout this whole process.

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The Proposal

Now this calls for some champagne!

Seriously though, WE’RE ENGAGED! I know it’s old news now but I have really been having a difficult time putting our proposal story together, partly because it’s hard to put that day into words, and partly because I want it to be as perfect as the actual proposal was. This, in my mind, is pretty impossible so I am finally relinquishing my control over this and sharing it as best as I can! Hope you guys love reading this as much as I loved living it!

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